I Trust In You Anyway


In our trauma, we often pray for hope

taking one more step forward

and sometimes


is simply saying,

I trust in You



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Songs of Joy


“The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;

where morning dawns, where evening fades

you call forth songs of joy.”

Psalm 65:8

One of the most amazing things about being a faith based person, is that God gives us such wonderful joy!

When we are at peace, and grateful to the Lord, there is a fountain or the beauty of the mountains within us.

Think for a moment. What wonderful things has God done in your life?

Lord God, help us to remember Your goodness, and the joy You give us regardless of our circumstances!

Help us to praise You this weekend. Hallelujah!!

You are mighty and awesome Lord God!


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quote from the NIV Bible

Deep Waters


“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters,

but one who has insight draws them out.”

Proverbs 20:5

What we ponder, and contemplate about our lives often goes very deep within us. Our self-image is part of this, but it goes beyond just what we think about ourselves. I think our purposes mentioned in this verse, also includes our motivations, our deep desires to be loved and accepted.

I have a photo here of the ocean, but a better illustration would be a well, especially considering the geography, and water sources for drinking at the time. Wells brought life to both livestock and people.

So, when we understand more about ourselves, of who we are now, and what our motivations should be, that is God at work giving us insight. And with insight we can draw out a Godly perspective and wisdom.

This reminds me of a verse in the Gospel of John, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

Isn’t God amazing?

Lord God thank you for so many verses like this that encourage us to look deeper. Help us to understand who we are and who we should be. Give us wisdom, lead us and guide us, and shape us more into the people You want us to be. Amen!!


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quote from the NIV Bible

A Prayer for Good Health


As I get older Lord God, and this tent I’m living in continues to wear thin,

help me to take care of it, to respect this gift, the life you’ve given

and if it is Your will, please reduce the pain, give me wisdom

and keep me healthy. Amen.


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He Walked Faithfully


“This is the account of Noah and his family.

Noah was a righteous man,

blameless among the people

of his time, and he walked faithfully

with God.”

Genesis 6: 9

The reason Noah was chosen to build the ark, was because he was righteous, and he walked faithfully with God!

Noah and the ark is one of my favorite accounts of Bible history.

Now the word blameless does not mean he was without sin. It does mean though, that his relationship with God was right on target!

I can see him getting angry with his sons, as they were making the ark, (No not there! It goes over here!) but in his relationship with God he did what was right.

And walking faithfully is what God expects of us. We may not be perfect, but our hearts should continue to focus on Him!!

Are we walking faithfully?

Heavenly Father, help us to have our minds focused, and faithful to You! We trust in You Lord God. Amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible


When You Seek Me


“You will seek me and find me when you seek me

with all your heart. I will be found by you….”

Jeremiah 29:13, 14a

Jeremiah has often been called the “weeping prophet”. He prayed for his people, the people of Israel during a horrible time, when they had been taken captive and carried away to Babylon.

And yet God spoke to Jeremiah that the captivity would end! And he assured the prophet He can be found when we seek Him!

For us today, this should be tremendously encouraging. He had good things in store for the people at that time, and He has good things in store for us!

We can seek God and He will be found by us! Hallelujah!!

Heavenly Father thank you for this encouragement, that we can find You, and that You do hear our prayers. Help us through our struggles, and help us to have confidence, that we can trust in You, Our God! Amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible

At Night His Song is With Me


“By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song

is with me – a prayer to the God of my life.”

Psalm 42:8

Have you ever prayed and had the prayer shape itself into a song? Or maybe you’ve been singing, and a prayer or two escapes from your heart.

Praise and prayer often go together. Both seem to start within our being and are launched through our minds and spirits.

One thing to keep in mind about this psalm is that the psalmist is trying to cheer himself up! “Why so downcast o my soul?” He knows exactly how we often feel!

Ever had a tough year? Prayer can often lift us, and praising Him is often the answer for being down in the dumps. I know! I know this isn’t easy, but look at what took place in this verse. The psalmist dwells on God directing His love!

And he remembers that God is the God of His life, in spite of everything. That’s the beauty of surrender.

Lord God Almighty, encourage us when the tough times hit us hard. Help us to stay encouraged, and remind us how You love us. You are truly the God of our lives! Amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible

In the Silence of the Heart


Lord God when I was seventeen, I didn’t find You in the church,

I found You in the woods,

and in the silence of the heart.

Now that I’m older, I do read

the words sent down,

but I find Your presence in the woods still,

in the silence of the heart.


Prayer Poem and Image Copyright © 2018, WalkingthroughPsalms


Trust in Him


“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this:

He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,

your vindication like the noonday sun. Be still

before the Lord and wait patiently for him….”

Psalm 37: 5-7a

Isn’t it wonderful how God rewards us for following Him? And yet sometimes it doesn’t seem like that in this life. Maybe there are family members, or people on our jobs that really don’t understand us, or even want to!

Here, and in many other verses, God encourages us that He sees us, and He knows our hearts. And in these verses, He encourages us that we will be rewarded for following Him.

And there is the exhortation to commit our way to Him. That’s another way of saying to trust in Him, which He mentions again further along in this portion.

So your reward is waiting, and your vindication, is just around the bend! The tough part for us is the waiting! Trust in Him……and He will do this!! Hallelujah!!

Father God, help us to trust in You, for each and every circumstance we face! Amen. 


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quote from the NIV Bible



“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.”

Psalm 34: 7

Did you know God has assigned angels to us? Now is that cool or what? And not only that, but they are “encamped” around us! Wow.

I have never seen an angel, but it is amazing to think about isn’t it? Why does God do this?

I believe He has placed this verse in the Psalms in order to encourage us! This is one of those verses that God gives us to say, “I’ve got your back!” In other words, He is showing his love and concern for us. Indeed, He is protecting us!!

And this verse continues with, He delivers us. Another way of looking at this verse, is that God sees everything we face and go through, He is right there, and He will take us through to the other side.

The terrible things that happen, do not last forever! He will make a way for us! Remember Israel standing at the Red Sea? They thought there was no way out…..but God…….Hallelujah!! Do I hear an amen? Praise You Lord God.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for this verse and so many others that encourage us, and lift us up, and beyond whatever we are facing! Continue to protect us and deliver us, according to Your will. Amen.


Prayer, Commentary, and Image Copyright © 2018, WalkingthroughPsalms

quote from the NIV Bible