If You Keep My Commands


“If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love…..

John 15: 10a

Speaking or writing about commandments is not popular at all is it? In Christian circles we often focus on God’s grace. And God is forgiving, and gracious but here Jesus tells us we need to follow Him, and His commands.

In fact, doing what He says, is a very real proof that we love God. No believer should ever think that sin is ok, because God will just wink at us on the side, and let it go.

That’s not the same as grace, it is very much like taking for granted – His forgiveness. Grace viewed this way can be seen as a right, or even an excuse to go ahead and sin. Yuck!

Maybe you’ve been taught this way, or that we just cant help ourselves, but let’s never use God’s grace as a license or an excuse to sin.

God wants us to love Him, and to do good!

Heavenly Father thank for Your love and forgiveness. Help us to have hearts that seek to do Your will! And forgive us, when we do sin.

Amen and amen.

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quote from the NIV Bible




He Will Sustain You


“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you;

he will never let the righteous fall.”

Psalm 55: 22

This verse brings a world of comfort to me. But it’s not always easy to believe is it? Ever lived through something horrible? Oh yeah. Sometimes we wonder how we ever made it, how we even survived.

And yet, this is not a promise that everything will always go well, but there is a promise that He will sustain us! Thank You God. So many things can go wrong. Our bodies can become fragile and get sick, and other circumstances can be overwhelming at times. And yet He continues to give us strength, and faith when we seek Him.

And when I think of the last line here – He will never let us fall, I think of how He will not let go of us, even when all seems hopeless. I remember times when my wife was really super sick, I would hold onto her when there was snow or ice on the ground. Simply getting from the car to the house was dangerous! But I was determined that I would not let her get hurt! I would have fallen first and let her fall on me, if it had been needed! Her bones were super brittle.

So, God is holding onto us!

Lord God help us to come to you when times are tough. And hold onto us, if it looks like we might fall. Sustain us God, we trust in You, but help us to trust in You when we can’t see all the answers! Hallelujah and amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible 

Your Love Lord


“Your love Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your justice like the great deep.”

Psalm 36: 5, 6a

Here is some of that beautiful language the Psalms are so famous for. Do we think of God this way?

You see our faith is so much more than dry words or obscure concepts. These words are so filled with love, so filled with life.

God is so unlimited that when we follow Him, He can cause our spirits to soar! And if we allow Him to, He will fill us with faith. Hallelujah!

Lord God thank You for Your beautiful words, that encourage us. Please continue to fill us with a strong faith and love for You!!

Amen and amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible 


Be Still and Know that He is God

20170628_172231.jpg“He says, ‘Be still and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth'”.

Psalm 46: 10

When we read this well known verse, we usually think of it on a personal, even internal level. And God does want us to!

But there is an additional meaning here. The verses before this one, speak of God stopping all wars. Bows are broken, swords are turned into plowshares, spears are shattered.

You see God does want peace on the Earth, and He promises that through all the conflict – He will, in the end be exalted. There will be peace.

For us these verses assure us that even in the chaos and mayhem of our world, God is still on the throne.

Heavenly Father, we may not understand why things take place, but help us to trust in You more. And to remember, that in the end good triumphs over evil!

Wahoo! Hallelujah and amen.


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Sabbatical is a word influenced by a number of languages, including Hebrew, French and Old English. Basically it means a period of rest.

I have stopped blogging, but for this site it is simply a period of rest. This site is an offering, and part of my faith walk, so it does not seem appropriate to stop altogether.

So what does one do, as they rest? Well there’s alot more time for reading! I have a list of books.

I’m no spiritual giant, but I do have more time now for prayer and meditation. 

And I’m also taking more time out to take care of my health, having a couple of chronic areas of pain.

I’m grateful for you being here, and would appreciate your prayers!

I’ll be back in a few weeks, posting Monday – Friday.

Spring is just around the corner!

Peace and be blessed.


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The Man You Have Called Me to Be


As I get older Lord God, I am more amazed at how good You are to me

and my family. I know this earthly life is but a mist, rolling in

from the ocean, and soon this frame of mine will be

taken away, only to be given a more beautiful presence.

May I always be worthy of being with You,

and may I always be – the man

You have called me to be.


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quote from the NIV Bible

The Lord is Great


“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you;

may those who long for your saving help

always say, ‘The Lord is great!’

Psalm 40:16

Here the psalmist is praising God, in a beautiful way, with a heart of trusting Him! Ain’t that so cool?

And in a very real sense he is also praying for other people, which is called intercession. He wants everyone that seeks God’s help to have an answer to their prayers that brings joy and rejoicing! Hallelujah!

And when we all give God credit for the great and wonderful things that happen in our lives, what does that do? People notice that don’t they? And suddenly, within our praise, our faith catches on to others. We can inspire people by simply declaring what God has done!

Lord God, thank you for the great things that take place in our lives. And as we pray for other people, may great things happen in their lives as well! Help us to be filled with faith as we praise you so we can be good witnesses for You. Hallelujah! And amen!


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quote from the NIV Bible

I Desire to Do Your Will


“Sacrifice and offering you did not desire – but my ears you have opened

burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.

Then I said, ‘Here I am, I have come – it is written

about me in the scroll. I desire to do your will,

My God; your law is within my heart.”

Psalm 40:6-8

Here we see the psalmist do something very different, at least for his place and time. Remember it was God that set up the sacrificial system, involving animals. Yes, everything is very different now, but the sacrifice of animals in the Torah (first 5 books of the Old Testament) was never a man made invention.

Yet the psalmist says in this particular case, God was not interested in that! Instead his ears were opened, meaning he heard God or at least gained an understanding, that what God really wanted was the psalmist, and in particular his heart!

He turned his life, his heart to God. And these last two lines are also amazing. Having heard from God he now wants to turn his life into a life that does God’s will. It’s no longer something external. He even has God’s law in his heart!

Heavenly Father, thank for these verses that show us what Your desire is for us, that You want us to have a heart that seeks to do Your will. Strengthen our faith Lord God, and help us to walk day by day – closely with You! Amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible