The Glory of God


“When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven

and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices,

and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.

The priests could not enter the temple

of the Lord because the glory

of the Lord filled it.”

II Chronicles 7:1-2

Well the presence of the Lord is not exactly for wimps now is it? This was a very special time for the people of God. Solomon had just prayed as they dedicated the Temple to the Lord God. Can you imagine God’s presence so strong that you can’t go near Him?

And let’s remember this was the Temple that God instructed the people to build. He gave them specific instructions for it to be built a certain way. Before that there was the Tabernacle (basically a type of large tent), that God had given the people very specific directions for. But look what happens when these instructions are followed, and the people dedicate themselves to following Him! Wow.

So, for us today what specific instructions are we to follow? Yes, we are to follow the Scriptures, but do we read them? And do we allow God to work in us as individuals, making us into a type of temple?

Do we forgive others when we need to? Do we teach our children to do right, and be mindful of God? We may not have experiences like this today, but when we dedicate ourselves to the One Who made everything, something powerful does take place!

Lord God, help us to be people that are dedicated to You. Help us to experience You daily and help us to be in awe of You. Work in us and through us! May we be worthy mini-temples! Amen and amen.


Prayer, Commentary and Image, Copyright © 2018, WalkingthroughPsalms

quote from the NIV Bible


Knowledge Rather than Choice Gold


“Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge

rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious

than rubies, and nothing you desire

can compare with her.”


Proverbs 8: 10, 11


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quote from the NIV Bible