This Little Light of Mine


“The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being.” 

Proverbs 20: 27

I think this verse is telling us that God works through us, and specifically through our spirits (the internal part that we cannot see).

Our spirit is so important, that it serves as a lamp. Remember the children’s song “This Little Light of Mine”?

And when He does work through us, we indeed become light for ourselves and for others.

Heavenly Father, help us to live for you and be a light shining brightly! Amen.

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quote from the NIV Bible


It is Good to Praise the Lord


“It is good to praise the Lord and make music

to your name, O Most High,

proclaiming your love in the morning

and your faithfulness

at night…”

Psalm 92: 1, 2


When our hearts are filled with praise, it suddenly becomes easier to look forward to the future, and to be hopeful. 

Lord God help us to praise you, remembering Your love and faithfulness! Amen.

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Adonai Yireh


100_1837Adonai – from the Hebrew, meaning “the Lord”, the boss, the ultimate One in charge.

Yireh – also from the Hebrew, meaning our provider, the One who supplies our needs.

Some are familiar with the term Jehovah Jireh, which is not really Hebrew, and comes to us through German, but the meaning is the same.

By the way there is no “J” sound in Hebrew.

 Lord God we are so grateful that you are in charge, and that by your mercy and care for us, you provide for all of our needs. Amen.


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quote from the NIV Bible 


Jews and Christians – The Hope for Healing


There are so many tragedies that have taken place over the centuries, that it is sometimes strange to hear about the Judeo-Christian heritage, we once had here, in the United States. After so many centuries of persecution of the Jewish people, one can easily ask, “Can the wounds be healed?”

During the Middle Ages, Christians often kept Jewish people from many occupations, forced them to live in certain areas, and unfortunately murdered them. There are well documented cases, that on a certain date, at a certain place, Crusading armies, on the way to the Holy land, burned and wiped out entire villages of Jewish people.

One of the atrocities that was not uncommon, was for the Crusaders to pile everyone from the Jewish village into the synagogue, and then burn it to the ground, men, women, and children. Often, they would sing Christian hymns, to drown out the screams of the dying. You see, they thought they were doing God a favor.

Now you might say the people doing these horrible things, were not really Christians, and I would agree with you, but they thought they were. And more importantly, the Jews of that time thought they were.

So why write about something so horrible? Because I have found that most Christians have no idea of the extent of damage that has been done in the name of Christ. And unless we know, we cannot work towards bringing the healing that people so desperately need.

And we often talk with Jewish people, in fact, maybe some of you reading this are Jewish. Welcome to my blog. And when we do talk to people, we can be better prepared, to offer hope and healing. We can better understand the barriers.

Jewish people, whether they be secular or religious, know this history. My hope is that more Christians would understand it. May God help us all to bring healing. Amen.


Note: The Encyclopedia Judaica is an excellent source of information, or you can google the word “Pogrom”. Be careful though, many far right extremists are busy on the internet.


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