Our Faith Will Grow


When we no longer carry the trauma in our eyes,


wrongs done to us,

forgiveness will flow,

and our faith will grow

so amazingly.


Poem and Image Copyright© 2017, WalkingthroughPsalms




Sowing Seeds of Forgiveness


In our tears we sow seeds of forgiveness,

not allowing their swords, their words,

to pierce our spirits

anymore. And we grow

with the water

that always fills

our spirits.


Prayer Poem, and Image Copyright© 2017, WalkingthroughPsalms


Psalm 32: 1, 2


“Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven,

whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man

whose sin the Lord does not count against him

and in whose spirit is no deceit.”


Lord God, You made us and know everything about us,

You know how we fail, and sometimes falter in our faith.

Please forgive us, and help us to walk with You.



Written Prayer and Image © Copyright 2017, WalkingthroughPsalms

quote from the NIV Bible