Friday Focus – Faith and Blogging


So many of you have wonderful sites, and you keep me encouraged! And I love seeing faith based sites grow and do well.

But not all of them do, in fact faith is not always that popular is it? We must not be discouraged if only a few people follow our blog or respond to our posts.

Even though we can modify our blogs, we can do so without losing sight of who we are, or our beliefs.

I like to post a quote from the Scriptures, and write a few lines about it. I think it can be beautiful to share some insight.

And as far as sites in our readers, I’ve learned to keep it light! I do check out other sites but I can’t possibly follow everyone.

When I first started blogging I followed so many blogs I would spend 2 hours everyday going through posts. I can’t do that anymore.

Some bloggers post 8-10 times everyday. If that happens I usually unfollow. And you shouldn’t feel bad about doing that! Make your site the way you want it.

Diversity is always fun, even for us faith based folks! I love travel sites, artists, and photographers. I think my favorite type of faith based site is poetry.

And it’s ok to follow people that are different from us! Bloggers do have different beliefs, and that’s ok, that’s how we learn!

So enjoy your blogging experience, and share a little light!

Thank you for traveling with me. I wish you peace.


Prayer, Commentary and Image, Copyright © 2018, WalkingthroughPsalms



A Note of Thanks


First of all I want to thank each of you, for being here and reading these posts. More importantly thank you your faith, and your examples of faith that are so encouraging!

I also wanted to let you know that I am not a professional blogger, I make no money from it, and I have nothing to sell. Which means I work a job, and one with very difficult hours at times, so there are occasions where I will not be here for a couple of days, reading your work.

I do look forward to reading your work! I have several blogs because of my love for writing, but this is my faith based one, so it is very important to me.

Thanks again for reading!


Writing and Image Copyright 2017, WalkingthroughPsalms