Not on Prayer Alone


“You must remember not to build on prayer and contemplation alone.

Unless you strive to live the virtues, you will never grow beyond the stature of spiritual dwarves.”

Saint Teresa of Avila.

St. Teresa (not Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta) was always a straight shooter, always telling it like it was, or at least the way she saw it.

Basically she was saying here, that we need to live the life we profess, not just talk about it, or pray about it.

This reminds me so much of the book of James, where we are told to be doers of the word, not listeners only.

It makes no sense to act all religious and pious, and not at least attempting to live the life of faith that we should.

Heavenly Father, thank You that we can pray and talk with You, but help us also to be good examples, living for You! Amen.


Prayer, Commentary, and Image Copyright© 2017, WalkingthroughPsalms



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