An Offering


This blog and these posts are an offering. Before I ever began, I gave it all to the Lord, and it was really a step of faith. Faith blogs are never the most popular, and that’s because of our world becoming increasingly secular.

But having said all that, it does appear that someone is manipulating this site and perhaps even scaring people away. Are there trolls? Probably. Are they Russian hackers?? I doubt it! Lol.

Think it couldn’t happen here? Simply look up Psalm 29:11, on my site. The difference of people being involved in March of this year, and now is remarkable.

One thing trolls do not understand though, is the concept of offering. If God blesses these posts – great. And if not that’s OK. It is in His hands. I will keep posting.

Heavenly Father I trust in You, and I ask that you would continue to guide me with this site. Show me how it should be done. I give this all to you, once again. In Christ’s name, amen.


Writing and Image Copyright© 2017, WalkingthroughPsalms



8 thoughts on “An Offering

      1. I’m glad that everything is resolved, then. I was concerned! I thought perhaps someone had hijacked your blog or something (but the messages were still from the Bible, so I figured that I must’ve got it wrong).

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  1. It’s been mentioned out there by quite a few (and I’ve noticed, too) that the usual volume of blog-postings have thinned out — most presume it is due to it being summer and people being out and about and away. That would by default also be true of the usual volume of blog-visits, I think?

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    1. Possibly, and social media has taken over. Many bloggers have migrated there. But I’ve seen other weird things that cannot be explained too. There’s no need to go into more detail here. I simply trust in God and move forward. Thank you so much for your continued encouragement! Peace to you.

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