Walking by Faith

“We walk by faith and not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5: 7

My friends walking by faith does not mean following God blindly without using our God given reason.

It also is NOT a matter of sending in our money to a preacher to make them richer, while being promised that we will get rich too. NO.

Walking by faith means we follow God and trust in Him….regardless of our circumstances. Regardless of the horrible things we face, we will continue to trust Him, and walk with Him.

Remember the Book of Job? Trusting in God is courageous really. In these difficult times it is even more challenging, and even more important.

Lord God, please give us guidance day by day in our faith walks with you!



Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms

Prayer in the Early Morning Light

Lord God in the early morning light, my heart is full of gratitude and praise for You! I thank You my God for working in my life and for providing for our family.

Bring a refreshing to the earth, and keep hope alive in Your people! And God, we need help as You know. Please send down the deliverance from the virus Our God!

We all need You Lord God.


Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms

Your Mercies are New Every Morning

As I walk with You my God, noticing the last of the autumn leaves still hanging on, I notice how the seasons slowly turn. How Your mercies are new every morning, and how so amazingly You meet all of our needs.

During this season of holidays, teach us Your ways. Help us to keep in mind the most important things in life, loving You Lord God, and loving our neighbors. And who is our neighbor Lord? Show us each day…

Thank You our God.


Note: One of the things bothering me about people of faith lately, is how we have allowed politics to close our hearts to other people. Forgive us God.

Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

Lord God, as we gather together we thank You for all the food You supply. Thank You for our families and friends.

Thank You also for a warm house on a cold night. God we also pray You would meet the needs of those that are hungry and/or cold tonight.

Help us to help others…..and Lord God, may we be a light in this world! We humbly ask these things our God.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms

Praise Be to God

Hallelujah. What a beautiful word this is! It means praise be to God.

Ever notice how we don’t pronounce the ending with a “j” sound, instead using “ya”? That’s because the Hebrew language doesn’t have a “j” sound.

To be honest though……it doesn’t matter! No matter what language we speak God knows what we are saying, because He invented all languages!!

Ain’t that something! And of course He knows our hearts. And we were made, placed on this earth to worship Him!

Here’s a verse: “Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.”

Psalm 150: 6

So do you have breath today? Well then praise the Lord!!

Thank You our God!


Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms

Each and Every Blessing

God we thank You for each and every blessing. For when the sun is shining warm, and for when rain pours on us.

Both are needed to grow food from the earth. Lord may our storms contain the faith to make us stronger!

Help us to be thankful. Ever hopeful, always trusting!


We praise You God.


Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms

Remembering You Always

We do so well in June, Lord God remembering You, in times of light and flowers and good things growing all around us.

Yet help us Lord, to remember You in November, in the rain and pain, and the cold winds blowing, when the grey clouds press in on us!

You alone are mighty to save! We turn to You Lord God Almighty, and trust in You! That’s what faith is all about. Hallelujah Lord God!


Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 walkingthroughpsalms