Each Day We Surrender

Not just today Lord God, not just on Sundays, but each day we surrender

our hearts to you. Help us to trust,

strengthen our faith. We believe

Lord God, help us in our unbelief.

We praise you God!

And thank You. Lord God!

In Christ amen.

Prayer Poem and Image Copyright © 2021 Heart Surrendered Poetry

Giving it All to You

When we surrender our hearts Lord God to You, we are saying not my will, but Your will be done.

This is not always easy! God You know everything, so continue to work in our hearts,

replacing worry and fear with trust and hope!

Help us to let go Lord, and give it all to You.

Amen Lord God, amen.

In Christ amen.

Note: Influenced by the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 heart surrendered poetry

What I Learned Today

Well I know what you are thinking. I know! Do I have to read another post from this guy today? However I made a mistake and I need to fix it.

Anyway I was so excited today about the new name for my blog, I apparently forgot to check closely enough that it would go and work right.

I goofed, I’m embarrassed about it, and feel dumb. And worse I prayed about it for days, and the first impression I had was the name “Heart Surrendered”. And of course that name works fine, including in the final step that I forgot about earlier.

I didn’t trust enough, and that’s a difficult lesson.

So anyway the name of blog is now “Heart Surrendered Poetry.”

I deeply apologize.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 heart surrendered poetry

Heart Songs Poetry

Welcome to Heart Songs Poetry!

When we surrender our hearts to God, He will work in us and through us,

and with us, turning our hearts and lives into His

beautiful and amazing creation.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 Heart Songs Poetry

Note: This site was formerly Walking through Psalms. Thank you so much for reading and joining me on this journey! I hope you like the changes.

Also I have eliminated Friday as a posting day. So it is Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend. See you soon!

Hearts Surrendered

When our hearts are surrendered to God, we allow Him to work and move in our lives,

we allow our hearts to be filled with trust, and hope and faith alive.

We basically say “yes” to God so that He will live within.

“In Him we live and move and have our being…”

becomes the reality for us.

We praise You our God,

and surrender our hearts to You

afresh today.


Prayer Poem Image Copyright © 2021 walkingthroughpsalms

Renewed Heart

Have you ever had things happen in your life and wondered why? Sometimes they are amazing, beautiful things but most of the time we question why because they are horrific, and we don’t understand.

Well when I look back at some tragedies in my life, I see how I’ve changed. Not always for the better, and I don’t like the saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” That’s only partially true.

My trauma, which came from different sources, did one thing beneficial. It opened me up. My perspective began changing, and hopefully in the long run, it made me more compassionate.

I remained faithful during some unbelievable trials but I didn’t care for the types of churches I had been a part of. I’ve been a Christian for more than 35 years, that’s a long time. I’ve heard one heck of a lot of sermons, and seen many different styles of worship.

Long story short, in my heart I consider myself Catholic Christian now. It started years ago, I stopped for awhile because some of my tragedies were still raw. However it is very clear now in a number of ways.

I say this from my heart, and it is an act of courage to say/write this here now. Years ago I would never have dreamed in a million years this would happen. My renewal that I’ve mentioned has been a Catholic one.

Also this is a heart issue. Due to the pandemic my wife and I cannot go to any church right now. I am not a member, and God will have to lead me, so I’m trusting in Him.

The blog format will pretty much stay the same. I love writing prayer poems. Yet I’m not discussing Psalms, or Proverbs in a commentary way like I used to, so I will need to change the name. I’ll be doing that this week.

And to be true to who I am, I will be using words like Christ or Savior from time to time. This will be new for all of us. And this may be difficult for my international readers.

Thank you so much for reading!

I wish you peace.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 walkingthroughpsalms

Prayer to Begin Our Day

Lord God thank you for this beautiful day that you have made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! And it is beautiful my God, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we have a lot to be thankful for!

Yet, even if it was raining, it would still be a beautiful day, because You made it. And because rain makes the food grow. And because it is another chance to pray and serve You.

Continue to work in our hearts and lives. We look forward to all that you have in store for us!



Prayer Poem and Image Copyright © 2021 walkingthroughpsalms

You Are Amazing

When I look at the oceans Lord God, I see the infinity of the horizon, and I think of you,

and water meeting the sky, water upon water, how everything You have made

speaks of who you are. And yet within Your unlimited

You still speak comfort to our hearts,

and strength to our beings.

You amaze me Lord God.

You are amazing!



Prayer Poem and Image Copyright © 2021 walkingthroughpsalms

Everlasting Love

Your love Lord God, is an everlasting love. I can see that now in the flowers, in the greenery that is renewed,

and how each year you have ordained the earth to come alive again. Make us alive Lord,

renew a right spirit within us. Only You can Lord God,

make it so.

Forever I will praise You!


Prayer Poem and Image, Copyright © 2021 walkingthroughpsalms